Sunday, June 9, 2019

Local Locomotive

Trains around the world: Japan trains come every 15 seconds, India trains have everyone on them, Italy trains don't exist. It's a conspiracy

...if you like trains!


  1. Meanwhile, in Canada:

  2. Uh-oh. Maybe we should have a plan B on our upcoming Italy trip?

  3. meanwhile in finland, trains would be on time if trains coming from south (helsinki) weren't constantly getting delayed (more at winter ,less at summer winter always surprises southlanders, despite it happening every year)

  4. Meanwhile, in Belgium:
    "When's the next train?"
    "In five, wait, it's delayed. It's here in, 15...make that 20... Oops, seems it just got cancelled. Tough luck!"

  5. I dunno, when I went to Italy the trains were exactly where I needed them to be and on time, even when I went to small towns.

    Then again, trains being on-time in Italy is a bit of a bad sign...

  6. I've never had an issue with Italian trains. They've always been on time and relatively frequent.