Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dry Dough

Types of Italian pasta and the English translation for their names - Penne, Farfalle, Orechiette, Campanelle, Cavatappi, Creste di Galli, Radiatore, Strozzapreti

Che buona!


  1. Ok I'm Italian and I've never seen (or eaten) "radiatore"... must investigate! ("cavatappi" are "fusilli"?)

    Strozzapreti killed me XD

    1. You're not a priest, by any chance? ;)

    2. "In most of Italy, these dumplings are called gnocchi verdi (gnocchi with greens) and ricotta or ravioli gnudi (“nude ravioli,” or ravioli filling without pasta). In Florence, they are called strozzapreti, or “priest stranglers.” The story goes that a gluttonous priest, who loved these dumplings, ate so many of them so fast that he strangled himself by swallowing them whole. True story or not, these are some of my favorite dumplings. Don’t worry, eat slowly and chew them well, and you will be fine."

      From -The Splendid Table-

    3. Didn't see the punchline coming until it was too late. Almost strangled myself in laughter! Also, these comments add to the experience with their own humor and knowledge. Always looking forward to the next comic!

  2. So what's the difference between radiatore, rotini, and fusilli?? That has always driven me crazy...