Sunday, February 10, 2019

Llwy Gariad

Happy Welsh Valentines Day! St Dwynwen's Day Rwy'n dy garu di


Rwy'n dy garu di!


  1. Hey. I am from Moscow, Russia. I like your drawing. I heard that you do not celebrate March 8th. On this day, our men congratulate the mother, grandmother, wife and other women women with the holiday. This is a Women's Day from Soviet times. Why don't you congratulate your beloved wife once again on Women's Day in Russian?

  2. We also have a new Russian holiday - the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty. July 8. This is the memorial day of the holy spouses Peter and Fevronia, who are considered patrons of the Christian marriage.

  3. On July 8, you can once again congratulate your wife and thank her for marital happiness and love. :-)