Sunday, December 9, 2018

Undeniable Quality

In Thailand restaurants often just buy from the street food carts

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  1. So...
    Those sneaky Thais...

    But as a fellow Southeast Asian, I can clearly confirm that street food is WAY better than restaurant food. (and a lot cheaper too)

  2. This is actually quite true. Alot of "local" restaurants in Asia which advertise to tourists are really the same quality as many street food carts, just with a jacked up price. I can say that it happens alot here in Singapore, like when the 70¢ satay is worse quality than the 2$ satay, or when the food court's 3$ chicken rice is both better in quality and more generous in portion than the 15$ fancy restaurant.

  3. Hee! I know of at least one place like that in New England--there's a stand with award-winning pulled pork, and a restaurant beside it--which gets its pulled pork from the stand. During winter, the folks from the stand take shelter in the restaurant.