Sunday, November 4, 2018

Good Odds

Traffic in China Asia does not always obey the lights

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ help me not die!


  1. Well, in Indonesia there's no difference. People simply don't wanna give in to pedestrians crossing the road (be it in the zebracross or a random spot in the street).


    FIRST!! (seriously, I'm always the first guy to comment in this website).

    1. First, unlike in developed country, many zebracross in Indonesia does not have their own separate traffic lights. There are exceptions, of course, but many of them does not. Zebra cross that have traffic lights mostly are located right beside junction traffic lights. With no traffic light to actually signal both driver and pedestrian, little does the zebra cross provide for people who want to cross the street.

      Second, jaywalking is largely accepted in Indonesia and most pedestrian in Indonesia are good at it. People just take it for granted that pedestrian who want to get across to be able to jaywalk, even on zebra cross.

      Third, in busy pedestrian area, crossing bridges are installed. People can safely get across the road.

      Fourth, government and law enforcer are not going to put this issue high priority since there are much bigger problems to face and people can take care of themselves like they have always do.

      for TL;DR My point is I don't think the drivers are to blame for not giving in. Not in Indonesia.

    2. My name is Daniel, btw. I'm the anonymous person who is the first in the comment section.

  2. Jaywalking is actually quite common here in Singapore. I live by Orchard Road and I see quite alot of people jaywalking across 6 lanes of traffic at all hours of the day. It's against the law but its quite commonplace here, among locals and expats alike. I think its just a commonplace phenomenon across most of Asia.

  3. Yes! So true! I live in Beijing and my life has been endangered several times due to this exact situation. Haha, so spot on. Great work, Malachi.