Sunday, October 21, 2018

Angry Birds

Australia has lots of dangerous bitey animals like spiders, cassowaries, frogs, tasmanian devils, and in this case, even the kookaburra

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ help me buy anti-animal spray!


  1. Um... Kookaburras are well known to be really, REALLY loud birds. They laugh like maniacs. They'll creep the heck outta ya.
    And that bird chasing our poor ol' friend is mostly likely an Australian Magpie. Those black and white birdies are very territorial. They'll attack anyone (emphasis on ANYONE) they see as a threat, divebombing on pedestrians and cyclists head.

    And one more thing, do not perceive every animal in the Land Down Under are murderous psychos wanting to see you dead. They're just simply scared and threatened that'll do anything to save their skin.

    Just a food for thought.

  2. However, Kookaburras will steal your French fries!

  3. Not to mention how friendly Australians TRULY are... never again.