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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Startling Sounds

Loud things. Clocktowers in Europe, daily prayer from minarets in Middle East, slurping noodles in Japan


  1. You know, given the fact that some nowadays one particular Muslim country, i.e Indonesia (my country) are...sensitive,panel no. 2 could send you into jail should someone nasty sent it in all social media.

    But you live in a Western Country, right? People don't give a damn on anything, do they?

    Okay, I've spoken too much. Comic overall is really good.

    1. *nowadays one

    2. Really? In Indonesia you would be jailed for this? But why? Is it offensive?

      I live in Germany - there's no punishment for free speech or expression here, except for Nazi imagery. That's illegal, except in movies.

    3. Hey, I'm the guy who wrote the comment above.
      Apparently, making fun of another's religion, albeit something just for cheap laughs, is considered offensive and can lead to 2 years maximum in prison.
      An educated person wouldn't mind, but most Indonesians aren't. They're like sheep-easily fooled and they act before they think. The elite politicians and religious leaders are fully aware and use this fact to their own advantage-to overthrow the government, be popular and gain people's trust. During campaigning months, since next year is election time, such fake news and propaganda are spreading like wildfire.
      I'm sorry for bringing in politics to a rather light-hearted and jolly website, but it's the truth and reality in my country, and that's no laughing matter.

      Hope this explains.

    4. Sounds like a bummer. If you can't laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at anything?

    5. I am sorry if someone is offended, but we can forget the past and move on, right?

    6. No offense taken! And if it is....too bad! If we made sure to always say things that would not be offensive to anyone then pretty soon we’d end up saying nothing at all.

  2. Easily offended religions (that still have no problems invading everyone's acoustic space) are one of the reasons we don't have world peace.
    Anyway the exception in Germany is for authentic depiction and research of history, but good you're not doing a 1930s version of this.

  3. The funny part is how it's considered good manners in Japan to do that and double funny when one of them comes visit you outside their homeland and do it aswell

  4. At least its not Dhaka (Bangladesh) where you'll have multiple overlapping calls of prayer.

    Actually nevermind, those are actually less annoying than the constant sound of horns from the cars.