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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Culinary Appropriation

How sushi culture is different between Japan and the USA


...so I can afford more bizarro ice cream flavors!


  1. What a weird irony...

    And who's food is weirder now?

  2. But... I love the weird cultural mishmash Frankenfoods. They're delightful.

  3. Anyone else here seen chocolate-tomato Pocky? Some friends of friends said it was weird, I just said the combination reminded me of Mexico. :)

  4. Pretty sure the "eating sushi with chopsticks" thing was created by people who can use them, so they can laugh at their friends who don't know how to use them.

  5. A club at my university once put up signs with the phrase, "As American as apple pie, moo goo gai pan, chimichangas, vichyssoise, fajitas, General Tso's chicken, Cuban sandwiches, fortune cookies, and pasta primavera!" A lot of things don't come from the country it sounds like they should come from, and America especially seems to be fond of inventing cool foods but giving them misleading names.....

    1. To be fair, ice cream itself wasn't invented in America, it's the ice cream *cone* that may trace its origins back to the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis -- according to legend, there was an ice cream booth which ran out of cardboard dishes, right next to a waffle booth which wasn't selling well because it was too hot. Roll up the waffles into cones, and voila! Edible dishes to enable them to keep serving ice cream!