Friday, August 11, 2017

Itchy Feet Month #11: Easy Peasy

Toki Pona is a constructed language with just 120 words. Crazy right?


  1. I think it is even more difficult! With only few people speak it (it is said over 100 people, but still..), you can't practice it frequently, can you? :)

    1. There's a big toki pona group on Facebook, where you can practice and get feedback on your writing, and if you want to chat through Skype or something like that, it's pretty easy to find someone there who would be delighted to do it with you. We did have an issue, though, where almost every post generated lengthy grammatical discussions in English, so we made a new group called "toki pona taso", where people are supposed to write only in toki pona. It's amazing how much my ability to write and understand it has improved through using it there!

  2. The Facebook groups are very active. I use toki pona every day.

  3. Your comics are hilarious! It is really great that you have a great sense of humor alongside with your creativity and drawing talent. I am really looking forward to discovering more of your artworks here, thanks a lot for sharing it with us!