Sunday, May 14, 2017

Same Same But Different

Some people are picky eaters


With your incredible support through Patreon, I was able to save up and buy an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. It's freakin' amazing to use for drawing! This is the first comic I made with it, and I think it turned out okay. I'm still getting used to it and I'm sure I'll get better as I go (feedback welcome!). But I know this will be game-changing for the future. So thank you very much, patrons!

Another fun feature of the iPad is the ability to save videos of my drawing as I create it. It's a fun insight into my process, if that interests you at all. But of course I'm saving those as a reward for my patrons! So if you want to see how this and future comics are made, support Itchy Feet on Patreon!


  1. Absolutely loving the Itchy Feet comic. The only feedback I have for your new method on the iPad Pro, is the text is not as legible—this oddly gives the comic a bit of a different feel overall.

    Making your own handwritten font from scratch is incredibly easy and straightforward using the Adobe Illustrator CC extension, FontSelf Maker ( - 20% off code REFFSLF10.) The custom font can then be installed on your iPad Pro as an available font to use within the vast majority of higher-end graphic design and drawing apps. Two of the best in those categories are Graphic (by Autodesk) and Procreate (by Savage Interactive). A yet to be released app, that may blow Procreate out of the water, is Affinity Designer (by Serif).

    Using a custom font could reduce the overall production time, and retain the legibility and feel of the previous method you were using—while still being genuinely, uniquely, the Itchy Feet style.

    My last recommendation would be to suggest trying a matte screen protector on the iPad Pro, giving back a tooth to the drawing surface. This will result in a paper-like feel of drawing on the tablet screen, and enable you to achieve the straighter lines you are accustomed to instead of the wiggly lines from the Apple Pencil skating across the iPad's toothless screen.

    *I do not recommend "crystal clear" or "HD" matte screen protectors, as they offer little to no tooth.

    1. Thanks for the tips! Yeah I absolutely use at matte screen protector, and I love the tooth on it. I did a lot of research to find the best one.

      I use Procreate to draw, but it's a pain to do text on, which is why I thought writing out the text would be easier. But my handwriting sucks! So either I can just work on my handwriting (a lot of comics do their text in all caps anyway, so maybe I'll start doing that) or I'll go back to using a font, but that would mean going into Photoshop to do the text. Maybe that's okay.

      Interesting to hear about Affinity Designer. I signed up to hear about updates, looks like it could be great.

      Thanks again for the in-depth advice!

  2. Totally adoring the Irritated Feet comic. The main input I have for your new strategy on the iPad Ace, is the content is not as neat—this strangely gives the comic somewhat of an alternate vibe generally speaking.

    Making your own written by hand textual style without any preparation is extraordinarily simple and direct utilizing the Adobe Artist CC augmentation, FontSelf Producer ( - 20% off code REFFSLF10.) The custom text style can then be introduced on your iPad Expert as an accessible text style to use inside most by far of higher-end visual depiction and drawing applications