Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tongue Wrestling

You have to force Germans not to speak English


Und herzlichen Dank dafür!


  1. Look the chicken in the Ei!

  2. Haha! Yes, I've experienced this with Germans too. They really like keeping to English with non-native German speakers, especially when they're in an English-speaking country.

    In Germany, they've usually let me speak in German. It might be because my ethnic background is Chinese and, based on my appearance, they probably don't expect me to speak English (actually my native language).

  3. I've had this problem a few times too. When I first started learning German, I was really flattered when people spoke or tried to speak in English with me, but as my German got better and these types of people were still insisting on using English, I realised that they weren't really interested in helping me at all. I even had one very rude man tell me that I was being really inconsiderate when I asked to chat with him in German every now and then because I live in Germany and can speak to Germans whenever I want, but he neeeeeever gets to practise his English in person. Another guy also flat out said that talking to me in German wasn't any fun because I wasn't very good. Keep in mind that I'd passed my B2 German exam with flying colours a few weeks before this. (=_=)

    Stay strong! Language learning is a two-way street! :-D

    1. "You live in Germany and can speak German whenever you want, but I never get to practice my English." Ha ha, WOW. Imagine if he were living in the USA or Britain, and someone got mad at him for speaking English - "I refuse to speak English with you - I never get to practice my German!"