Sunday, February 19, 2017

Comestible Supply

When Italians travel, they pack their bags full of food


Everyone's gotta eat!


  1. How to pack you bag like an Asian going back to Asia:
    15% clothes
    10% electronics
    35% snacks for the trip
    60% gifts and other items for other people (Family, Coworkers, Friends, Family Friends, Your boss's friends stepson, etc.)

    The math doesn't add up, I know, since we like to pack in everything possible. I've honestly gone on trips back to Asia where 90% of my suitcase wasn't my stuff. I came back with an extra suitcase full of gifts and other items to give to people, and I had to leave some behind in Asia because it was too much. I swear this happens every single time me or anyone I know goes back to visit family in Asia....

    1. Ha! That's amazing. I'll have to do a comic about that for sure...

    2. I've been living in Japan for a while now, and so knowing Japanese people I can definitely vouch for this. lol. Btw, I just discovered your work while looking for fun comics to show my students. I'm an English teacher here in Japan. Now, I'm a huge fan of your work. (:

  2. This is more common with people from southern Italy. If you do speak a little of Italian, please go check "Casa Surace" on YouTube, they make funny videos about the differences between Italians from the north and the south :D