Sunday, June 7, 2015

Market Volume

i never buy souvenirs from shopkeepers that bother me


  1. Who can honestly say they don't love a bag of rusty ol' nails?

  2. XD. One saw a merchant in China trying to sell a group of Americans underwear. The first person rejected by saying he didn't wear underwear. then the merchant tried to sell then to the rest if his group. They ended up all saying that they all don't wear underwear. Since my family were one of the only ones who understood English fluently, we basically all cracked up 5 stalls away while people were looking at us like were crazy.

    1. Hah! That's awesome. When I was in China the shopkeepers kept yelling, "hello shoes!" until my stepmother just flipped. "My name isn't SHOES!"

  3. Haha, the Arab market in Jerusalem was like this. Once I headed toward an Arab restaurant to eat lunch after the owner loudly invited me in; when another restaurant owner started yelling after me, the first owner roared "Shut up!" at him. Heh, that was during the Second Intifada, tourism was way down, and the poor guys were a bit desperate.

  4. Had this happen in Egypt. And when I tried to speak German, the guy switched and spoke more fluent German than did..

  5. Perfect description of my country hahaha In some places they hassle the tourists whereas in others they don't give a damn like you don't exist