Sunday, March 1, 2015

Startling Return

reverse culture shock - the biggest culture shock is coming home after a trip


  1. Yes, I get that. Some days I find los espaรฑoles more normal than the English. In summer the beaches get covered in foreigners that I call "pink plastic neanderthals". Unfortunately they happen to be my fellow countrymen. :-E

  2. Point on! After seven years in the US, home felt really strange. Let's see how it is after 5 years in SE Asia and one year in France, as I am going back this week.

    1. I'll bet you're in for a good startle. Where are you from?

  3. I am from Finland. The biggest disturbing issue after returning from the US was that people took eye contact but did not greet, smile, nod, anything --- even people I knew like colleagues. I expect it to be even worse now, since here in France people greet each other all the time!

  4. I reside in Norway. Was home recently after 2+ years, and I got a little culture-shocked. The roads were even huger than I remembered, drivers were worse than I remembered, and the border patrol people were ruder and more uptight than i remembered. Of course, I'm from New Jersey. Shopping and restaurants were nice.